Geotextile Fabric – Durable Material for Soil Stabilization and Erosion Control

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Geotextile, also known as geotextile, is a permeable geosynthetic material made of synthetic fibers through needle punching or weaving. Geotextile is one of the new geosynthetic materials. The finished product is cloth-like, with a general width of 4-6 meters and a length of 50-100 meters. Geotextiles are divided into woven geotextiles and non-woven filament geotextiles.

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Widely used in geotechnical engineering such as water conservancy, electric power, mine, road and railway:

l. Filter material for soil layer separation;

2. Drainage materials for reservoirs and mine beneficiation, and drainage materials for high-rise building foundations;

3. Anti-scouring materials for river dams and slope protection;

4. Reinforcing materials for road foundations of railways, highways, and airport runways, and reinforcement materials for road construction in swampy areas;

5. Anti-frost and anti-freeze insulation materials;

6. Anti-cracking material for asphalt pavement.

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1. High strength, due to the use of plastic fibers, it can maintain sufficient strength and elongation under dry and wet conditions.

2. Corrosion resistance, long-term corrosion resistance in soil and water with different pH.

3. Good water permeability There are gaps between fibers, so it has good water permeability.

4. Good anti-microbial property, no damage to microorganisms and moths.

5. The construction is convenient. Because the material is light and soft, it is convenient to transport, lay and construct.

6. Light weight, low cost, corrosion resistance, and excellent performances such as reverse filtration, drainage, isolation, and reinforcement.

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Black Filament Geotextile、White Filament Geotextile、Black short silk geotextile、White short silk geotextile


1.Is geotextile fabric the same as landscape fabric?

While landscaping fabric and drain field fabrics are both geotextile materials, they are also very different for very different applications. Landscape fabric is used as a physical barrier (a weed barrier) in gardens and planting beds.

2,What are the 3 main uses of a geotextile?

In the road industry there are four primary uses for geotextiles: Separation. Drainage. Filtration. Reinforcement.

3,Does geotextile fabric let water through?

Needle-punched and poly-spun varieties of non-woven geotextile fabric allow water to easily flow through and are both sturdy and versatile for landscaping drainage. The non-woven geotextile fabric is most commonly used as a landscape material to support adequate drainage, filtration, and ground stabilization.

4.Can you put geotextile fabric over gravel?

Geotextile fabric will separate the rock layers from the gravel driveway from the soil below. When you decide to use this fabric, it will lengthen the life of the gravel and prevent rocks from sinking into the soil. Also, you will not have to constantly replace rocks over and over.

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